Hurricane PolyCarb Shutters Miami Dade County High Velocity Missle Proof Approved



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As communities begin to recover from THE HURRICANE SEASON, our thoughts are with those impacted and those who are responding. We recognize many of you may be personally impacted and want to make sure you are aware of the resources offered by the
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Hurricane PolyCarbonate Shutters

Florida Building Code Approved: Miami-Dade County Code

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USpolyCarb Hurricane Shutter Packages

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Why Use US PolyCarb Shutters?

  • The USpolyCarb Hurricane Shutter System is the most advance Hurricane Shutter System manufactured to date.
  • USpolyCarb Hurricane Shutter System is an ideal alternative to plywood or metal shutters, either corrugated or rolling systems, for protection from hurricane damage.
  • USpolyCarb Hurricane Shutter Systems feature Transparent Multi-wall Polycarbonate extruded to be a high impact-resistant protective panel.
  • USpolyCarb Hurricane Shutter Systems are Transparent and can be installed well in advance of a metal, wood or rolling shutter systems.
  • USpolyCarb Hurricane Shutter Systems can be left in place after the storm passes in anticipation of the next round of storm activity.
  • Utilizing USpolyCarb Hurricane Shutters allows the living space or business environment to retain natural lighting and take advantage of natural daylight during power outages.
  • After installation a home's living space and a business' working environment retains normal ambiance and functionality for both residents or customers.
  • Light and Visibility thu the PolyCarbonate panels are near glass visibility and light transmission.
  • USpolyCarb Hurricane Shutters are substantially lighter, easier, quicker and SAFER to install than all other shutter alternatives.
  • The installation of USpolyCarb Shutters requires NO SPECIAL TOOLS.

Missle Test 16mm RDC
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Main Benefits

  • Translucent multi-wall allows high transmission of light
  • Nearly as strong as plywood, but 5 times lighter
  • Sleek, flat surface
  • High impact resistance; virtually unbreakable
  • Won't yellow or lose light transmission
  • 10 year warranty
  • Easy to install and store off season
  • Will not de-laminate, rot or decay like plywood
  • Blocks virtually 100% of harmful UV rays 

Typical Applications

  • Protection for homes
  • Commercial buildings
  • Year-round protection